Healthy Pets N People
 I come from a ranch background and grew up caring for animals.  Living in a remote area - cats, dogs, horses and cattle were my best friends.  I left the ranch to pursue an education in psychology, sociology, and law.  I am happy to now be back closer to my roots and first love and  I have been raising Mastador Puppies for over 10 years.   My legal education did teach me to question and research everything.  For years, I have been searching and doing extensive research on what is the best for my dogs and puppies. I have a strong interest in a more Holistic approach.  I have finally found just what I was searching for - Healthy Food, Treats, Supplements, Skin Care, Cleaning Products and More, for Pets and their People. A company that offers an range of Superior Quality Safe and Effective Products that are inspired by nature, Informed by Science, & born of a commitment to improving the Health of Pets, People, and the Planet. Not only have I found this for myself and my own dogs, but I am excited to have found a great way to help other pets and their people throughout the United States.

We specialise in great quality Pet food, treats, and supplements, and products, Human Nutrition System, Skin Care, Household Products and more.  We offer a 30 day guarantee and service with a smile, so get in touch for more information or to place an order.
Some of the Gang
  1. Oliver
    Mastador Oliver is the head honcho taste tester and is the Papa to our Puppies. Oliver loves the Bully Sticks.
  2. Melissa Bieber
    This is me with Major. Major thinks he is a big puppy and he loves the dental treats.
  3. Winnie
    Winnie is the Matriach of our Mastadors. She is the leader. Her favorite treats are the Buffalo Meat strips.
  4. Candy
  5. Smartie
  6. Chickee